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Bratstva Studios

Bratstva Studios is a newly formed Ukrainian dance group in the community with 3 entities: The Performance Ensemble (for young adults), the School of Dance (ages 7-14), and "Our Circle" for children ages 3-6 yrs. The groups practices each Sunday at WAC.   The name “Bratstva” means “the Brotherhoods”, and has a historical Ukrainian meaning.  It refers to groups of Ukrainians who stood up for their culture and religion, and advocated for strong Ukrainian identity in their communities while supporting others to do the same. Bratstva is committed to teaching and learning Ukrainian folk dance, and devoted to strengthening the Ukrainian identity within the community, through folk dance performance. Bratstva looks forward to nurturing and celebrating Ukrainian heritage in the local community and beyond through future performances.

Contact: Jennifer Chetyrbok
Phone: (204) 572-6287
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

President:          Jennifer Chetyrbok
Vice President:  Joleene Showdra
Treasurer:          John Tomlinson
Secretary:          Sam Mullen