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Welcome to the Watson!

The Watson Art Centre is pleased to welcome back patrons of the arts, curious onlookers and the general public. Please let us know if you want to get involved or have inquiries.

Concerts, plays, art exhibits and classes are back and we couldn’t be happier. Please look to our calendar for all the upcoming events.

Our summer hours are Monday to Friday from 12-5PM.

Welcome to
The Watson Art Centre

Our mission is to foster arts, culture, and heritage in Dauphin and surrounding area.

Built in 1905, the Watson Art Centre (WAC) originally housed city hall, which included council chambers, a general office and an engineer’s department. It also held a reading room, the fire department, police headquarters and the jail. 

Nowadays, we are proud to be a thriving venue for the arts. We host live music, theatre, banquets, and more.