WAC Product Store

We are pleased to now have an online product store through Art Of Where, who create beautiful products for us on location in Montreal.  The designs were created  from original artworks donated to us over the years where we have been given reproduction rights by the artists and/or their families.  This includes original artwork by Dauphin artists Vernon L. Watson, Dennis Werbicki, Gladys Bloomquist and Jan Jenkins.

Your purchase of these products helps us raise funds for our arts-related programs and events as well as ongoing repairs and upgrades needed to maintain our beautiful heritage building.

Click here for the link to our Art Of Where store - we will be adding new products on an ongoing basis so please check the store out periodically for new items.  Art cards, phone cases and more!

Below are a few examples of items you will find in WAC's AOW store.  Thank you for your support!

WAC card Christmas front AOWWAC card WAC Zenwork front AOWWAC card Daisies front AOWWAC card Sun and Road front AOWWAC phonecase AOWWAC phonecase AOW2